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Monday, January 31, 2005

Jeff Surio: The Morning After

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Jeff Surio has been a perennial fixture in male pageants in the last 2 years and he had conssistenly wowed local pageant watchers with his sculpted physique, his swarthy looks and being a go-getter. He was also holding a record of having won all first runner up in all this contest, a record too hard to surpass. In the last contest he joined (Mr. International Philippines 2008) again true to what is written in the palm of his hand, for the nth time around he was again given the bridesmaid but never a bride tag as he became the first runner up to a contest he all wanted to win. He was frustrasted allright, you could almost hear him say "AGAIN?"

He packed his bag and plan to dissociate pageants from his psyche ... but the twists and turn in Jeff's melodrama didn't stop. With a stroke of fate (and possibly the working of Cinderella's fairy godmother's wand) the Fil-Am hunk who stole the crown from him, got sick and was unable to compete.

The producer rush Jeff Surio to Taiwan to replace the ailing Mr. Philippines, and as the cliche goes, "the rest was history. Jeff stole Taiwan's heart and the judges nod. He was proclaimed one of the finalists despite a stiff competetion thrown in by candidates from other countries.

He came late in the contest and getting a finalist spot was very remote to his estimate. All he wants is the experience and the chance to compete in the international arena and the rare opportunity to travel abroad. And having won a finalist spot is more like an icing to his cake.

And just like all fairy tales, he went home triumphantly with warm memories of the contest ... a good conclusion for his thorny and challenging climb to the top.

Photo Credits: Vic Fabe:

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