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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Philippines To The Top

Now it can be told! After a long hard climb in the beauty totem pole in the last decade, Philippines has risen from pageantry grave. The good news was disclosed by Global Beauties -a group of people who ranks the performances of every countries annually basing on the outcome of contests in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational. But that news was just an icing in the cake because they also announced that Philippines has toppled Venezuela from the top as the world's beauty powerhouse.

In 2016, Kylie Versoza dwarfed other pretenders to the throne when she won Miss International 2016. Catriona Gray (believed by netizens as the rightful winner) placed 4th in Miss World 2016 and Maxine Medina despite her lucklaster performance in the communication department was included in the elite 6 in Miss Universe 2016.

Nicole Cordoves who dazzled everybody with her spontaneity was First Runner Up In Miss Grand International 2016. Joanna Eden was semifinalist in Miss Supranational 2016, Nichole Marie Manalo was third Runner up in Miss Globe 2016 and Jennifer Hammond was semifinalist in Miss Intercontinental 2016.

Here's some of mind-boggling findings of their study: 

"Indonesia is also living its best ever moment in international pageantry, having placed in all 5 Grand Slam challenges, winning its first major crown (Grand) and jumping to a fantastic 13th place, being now very close to becoming one of the globe´s 10 powerhouses in the beauty pageant business.

Even after winning Miss Universe, France has not been able to join the top 10, and with Spain leaving this select group, Europe is completely out the powerhouse Top 10 list at this point. Haiti (48th) is the best mover of 2016, up 38 notches! Almost as impressive is Suriname, ending 2016 in 69th place, up 33 positions.

Watch out for Kenya, without a doubt an emerging African power, now 33rd in the GS Ranking.

The biggest droppers of 2016 were Romania (-33, 87th), Switzerland (-31, 82nd), and Bolivia (-23, 111th)."

RANK    Country/Territory    Points
1    Philippines    106.02                                
2    Venezuela    100.00
3    USA    77.52
4    Mexico    72.80
5    Puerto Rico    70.32
6    Brazil    67.00
7    Colombia    64.10
8    Australia    63.52
9    Thailand    57.18
10    India    53.72
11    Spain    52.20
12    Dominican Republic    50.80
13    Indonesia    45.82
14    France    44.42
15    Russia    42.10
16    Ukraine    40.30
17    Japan    39.50
18    China    38.88
19    South Africa    38.80
20    Poland    37.04
21    England / UK    31.70
22    Panama    29.72
23    Canada    29.10
24    Belarus    28.10
25    Czech Republic    26.20

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