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Friday, August 4, 2017

Short Review: Man of The World 2017: Opening Number

Opening numbers and National Costume parade usually are made to mesmerize and jolt the audience out of their senses.  The opening number of Man of the World 2017 was a simple one ... no showy feathers, no labyrinthine sequins, no elaborate headdresses but the whole five minute exercise did not disappoint.  All candidates were made to wear "bahag" the ethnic costume of the Igorots.

Instead of delivering an ostentatious and eye-damaging display of costumes on stage, the audience eyeballs were almost drawn out of their sockets as they focused more on pecs and butts and curves. Pheew! Australia skin was flawless ... Moldova almost bursting at his seams ... Guam was oozing with sex appeal .... Estonia despite his gargantuan size shows he can adjust in the name of fun ... Japan looked so divine ... Korea was  ripe for a picking ... England was the tribe leader ... Egypt made pa-cute with his bangs (why he can be a clone of Ronnie Alonte of Showtime) and Philippines was only acting himself (wasn't he a proud Igorot by heart?). My heart however went to China ... he was like an orange in a tray of apples. Body-wise he was in a wrong company.

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