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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ash Castro: And The Success Continues!

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There is no doubt that Ash Castro is one of the most successful photographer in town. Proof of that is that even the "choosy" , the snob and the hard to please Manila Bulletin featured him in its pages pointing out his craft, his dexterity and his flamboyance in experimenting a merry-mix of colors, and believe me ... you will be branded BLIND, if you don't notice.
Another proof of his success is his loyal supporters and believers who queued and lined up whenever a photoshoot of Black Out caliber is announced. These rabid fanatics are ready to shed a modest amount of money in exchange for postcard pretty head-shots or body-shots. The proof of the pudding is the "EYE CANDY" series ... who raked in a descent amount of moolah ... and a lot of hoopla.
His clientele is mushrooming too ... and there's a lot of satisfied customers in his midst. When a client is satisfied, that multiplies ten times more when they start making"referrals" and recommendations. Haven't you heard of word-of-mouth promotion and marketing? Not that Ash is trying some sort of promotional avalanche ... it is his believers doing the talking for him.
On his birthday this month, Ash should not rest on his laurels. Successful people doesn't rest. He should continue to fine-tune his skills, sharpen his camera eye and continue to make everybody beautiful. And most especially he should continue to "color our world"!
Photo Credits: Ash Castro-


  1. thank you so much for the greeting and lovely feature.. More power to Mancentral! ;) God bless


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