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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cosmopolitan Magazine Bachelors Bash 2009- Kapamilya

Photo # 1- Xian LimPhoto #2- Gerald AndersonPhoto #3-Ejay FalconPhoto # 4-Gerald AndersonPhoto # 5- Jiro ShirakawaPhoto #6- Gerald AndersonPhoto #7- Carlo GuevarraPhoto #8- Jose SarasolaPhoto #9- Manuel ChuaPhoto # 10-Ejay FalconPhoto #12-Mark BautistaPhoto #13-Gerald Anderson

ABS CBN ... GMA7. GMA7 .... ABS CBN. If that doesn't solve the billing issue ... the fans will still fan the embers of its long standing feud or making it sound politically correct ... 'friendly competetion'. These two giant television station in the Philippines has been counting decades of being a nemesis to each other ... each claiming "what one can do ... the other one can do better"

In the Cosmo Bachelors Bash 2009, these two companies were ably represented by their luminous stars, one could almost say the other models in the bash were to put it blantly a push over ... a wall decor. They were relegated in the sideline ... and all they can do is to watch the star reps of these two empires outclashing each other in all departments: star power, charisma, physical attributes, and fan support.
Photo Credits:
-Bruce Casanova- OPMB Worldwide

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