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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mr. Olive C 2015 Candidates

1. Frederic Lance Catacutan

2, Joshua Marc Lara????????????????????????????????????
3, Roshson Canete Barman????????????????????????????????????
4. Carlos Alfonso Cuerquis????????????????????????????????????

6, Justin Kim????????????????????????????????????
7. Karl Angelo Aquino????????????????????????????????????
8. John Ray Valid
9 Nang-is Claro Shane????????????????????????????????????
10, Justin Kim

11- Raymund de Veyra Jr.

12, Roshson Canete Barman

By the time you read this, the winner Of Mr. Olive C 2015  is maybe out in the open. You may have your own favorites, which is maybe totally different with mine, but we all agreed that Philippines  is considered a force to reckon with as far as beauty pageant results is concerned, male and female pageants combined. Is it the genes? Or is it the intellegence? Or is it pure luck? Nobody knows. But what we all know is that Philippine male  beauty organizers are always right in choosing their delegates. Aside from the beauty of their candidates, they have the drive to do what it takes to win pageants. They have the right attitude and everything boils down to hard work, diligence and the determination to improve ones personality.
To Olive C organizers and the rest of the guys out there ... you deserved a tap in the shoulder for being the MOST CONSISTENT in terms of productivity and accomplishments. You really deserved to be number 1 in beauty factory. Photos by Aski Pascual, Jonas Yu and Critical Beauty, 

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