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Monday, August 31, 2015

Pageant Candidates: Misters 2015 The Pageant

Eat your hearts out now for the men of Misters 2015 The Pageant once again features pageant candidates bursting and bulging to the max. They flex their muscles, show their abs and flaunt all what they got to give you a temporary relief to the stress and the humdrum of our boring lives. There's nothing you will do but scroll the page, get your glasses and APPRECIATE!

Better still you can select who's who among this golden harvest and Vote the cream of the crop, I think the race to the number one spot is still ON.  Or you can buy a ticket now and be a part of the crowning of the new Kings now ready to conquer the world! Photos : Joselito Caleon Photography

1. Rick Kristoffer Palencia

2, Daniel Anthony Polbrat

3. JM de la Cruz

4. Marcel Surtil

5. Willan Pagayon

6. Siegfried Schmidt Bauer

7. Mark Latina

8. Jazzie Magne Vasquez

9. Kevin Fichera

10. John Nicholo Zacarias

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