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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Miss Earth Philippines 2017

After the coronation of Miss Earth Philippines 2017, one can't help but ask themselves this 24 dollar question. Will this format tick ... and will it stick?

One big change this year is announcing the fifteen finalists in beauty category, in poise category and the Q and A category. My friend was almost happy with the announcement of 15 finalist in beauty and poise category ... it was almost a list made in heaven. And his face turned to disappointment when the 15 finalists for interview was announced and  heavy favorites from Pulilao Bulacan, Marilao Bulacan, Puerto Princesa, Magsaysay Ozamis, Camiling Tarlac and Cagayan de Oro disappeared in oblivion just like that. It was like an angry fairy god-mother got ticked off for not meriting points when the bar was raised an inch higher in the interview.

It was a rude awakening when the top ten were announced. We have already that gut -feel that the result of the interview will ,show its ugly head ... and it did BIG TIME! The beauties mentioned above were relegated to WASTED clappers. Whether they were  snubbed or not for not being a smooth-talker and persuasive ...  or not being slick and glib ... we don't know. 

Will Miss Earth organization apply these standards in the next Miss Earth 2017? Will interview and intelligence lord supreme versus beauty and poise? Will there be a clash between these factions: Beauty enthusiasts VS Interview lovers?  How will the world react to this including Miss Earth critics and naysayers. This will be a good forum for debate ... 

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